December 14 2007

Presentation/performance of my new network laptop ensemble DLGO, or the Deep Listening Genetic Orchestra, at the International Society of Improvised Music (ISIM) Conference at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. Members of DLGO currently include Al Margolis, Andrew Causey, Doug Van Nort, Gayle Young, Katharina von Rutte, Kim McCarthy, Pauline Oliveros, Rami Gabriel, Tom Bickley and Zevin Polzin.

October/November 2007

Accidentally deleted some news from here.

September 2007

Performance—> deep.listening.session @ [sat], also playing are o.blaat (NYC), Martijn Tellinga / BOCA RATON (Netherlands), Mike Hansen (Toronto), Martin T├ętreault (Montreal), Nathan McNinch (Montreal), and tobias.dj (Montreal). The show will feature 8.1 surround sound listening with centralized+circular audience seating in SAT’s main hall. For my part, i promise to take you to unforseen lands and hopefully induce sonic hallucinations….

July 2007

Am working with dancers in various responsive media environments. My interest/work here is to capture qualities of their movement using statistical signal processing techniques and map this into interesting and immersive sound worlds. In conjunction with the Topological Media Lab @ Concordia.

Oliveros/Van Nort/Braasch/Tintinnabulate/SoundWire @ ICAD, June 26 @ 6pm :: Improvisation with Pauline Oliveros (accordion), Jonas Braasch (soprano sax) and the Tintinnabulate (varying numbers and musicians) and SoundWire (Juan Pablo Caceres and Chris Chafe) ensembles who will play remotely from RPI, Stanford and Korea. I’ll be processing their many streams separately and using this as my material for performance (i.e. I’ll be playing “electronics” or “laptop”). Also the sounds will be spatialized and the remote sound will simultaneously be presented binaurally (binaurally mic-ed on the remote side) over a bunch of headphones. Should be fun!

I am also presenting a piece for headphones @ ICAD 2007.

June 2007

My new piece/ensemble Deep Listening Convergence Genetic Orchestra (DLC-GO!) performed at the LifeBridge Sanctuary in High Falls, NY on June 10, 2007. 11 laptops weaving sounds from a pool of co-created genetic material. Performers/Sound Breeders were Tom Bickley, Monique Buzzarte, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Al Margolis, Kim McCarthy, Kristin Norderval, Pauline Oliveros, Zevin Polzin, Roberto Rodriguez, Doug Van Nort and Katharina von Rutte. The sound was fantastic, and the entire event got great press including here and in the Wire Magazine.

May 2007

New Piece on Hum Compilation! :: I have a new piece on the Hum Remix cd on le-son 666. Composers formed a new work from the same five-minute recording of group humming. The project was conceived and carried out by sound artist Kathy Kennedy. Lots of beautiful works, with contributions from Austici, Magali Babin, Bryce Beverlin II, Kim Cascone, Thanos Chrysakis, i8U, Kathy Kennedy+David Gutnick, Francisco Lopez, Steve Mcleod, Jonas Olesen, Helene Prevost, Meg Schedel, Doug Van Nort.

I presented my ongoing work on control strategies for laptop music performance at NIME 07, NYC, June 9 2007.

Performance with Tara Rodgers (aka Analog Tara) and Javier Arciniegas at the Society for Art and Technology in Montreal, May 17 2007, part of the ctrl:Technology, Art, Society event. Thanks to all who came out and gave a warm reception!


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