December 11, 2008

Network Performance over internet2 with Chris Chafe in Banff, Pedro Rebelo/Franziska Schroeder/Alain Renaud at SARC and Pauline Oliveros/Doug Van Nort/Jonas Braasch at RPI. Audience at SARC and online.

November 20, 2008

Performing (greis) along with Tintinnabulate ensemble and the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse at EMPAC.

Oct 11, 2008

New Oliveros/Van Nort duo premiering at the Dream Festival in Kingston!

October 3-5 2008

Piece on iearPIX DVD, which was featured at EMPAC opening as part of Pioneers of Experimental Media event showcasing work from iEAR faculty and alumni.

Summer 2008

Oh so busy writing dissertation…..

March/April 2008

Designed Interactive Sound Piece for fabric-based instrument. Part of larger remedios terrarium environment in Concordia’s FOFA Gallery

January 2008

Video Now Online from Telematic Circle Performance at ICAD 2007!

(above: rehearsal picture with Pauline Oliveros and Jeff Pitcher)