December 10, 2009

The Composition and Improvisation seminar that I co-teach with Pauline Oliveros and Jonas Braasch will be streaming their end-of-semester performance from West Hall, RPI Arts Dept.

Update: the performance was recorded and is now archived for viewing here, at the tintinnabulate ustream site.

November 12, 2009

I will be performing an intonarumori in a piece by Pauline Oliveros, along with the Magik Magik Orchestra and Luciano Chessa, conductor of the ensemble.

This takes place at Town Hall, and is part of the “Music for 16 Futurist Noise Intoners” concert, produced by Performa and directed by Chessa, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Italian Futurism. More info on this entire project is at Performa’s blog.

With Blixa Bargeld, John Butcher, Luciano Chessa, Joan La Barbara, Nick Hallett, Pauline Oliveros, Mike Patton, Anat Pick, Elliott Sharp, Ulrich Krieger, Jennifer Walshe with Tony Conrad, Ghostigital with Skuli Sverrison, Finboggi Petursson, and Casper Electronics

123 West 43rd Street
(between 6th Avenue & Broadway)
Tickets: $30 Orchestra / $25 Balcony / $20 Performa Members

November 8, 2009

Doug Van Nort will present a work in progress, Memetic Orchestra #2, at the Flea Theatre’s “Music with a View” series. Discussion to follow the event.

An exploration in textural transformation and timbral sustain, this piece extracts audio qualities from each player to provide a form within which players articulate subtle inflections, their timbres merging to form a sometimes sparse, sometimes dense collage of each sound’s internal matter.

Performers for this 15-20 minute piece include
Van Nort, harmonica
NF Chase, Bowed Music Stand
Jonathan Chen, Violin
Cristyn Magnus, Melodica
Al Margolis, Clarinet and Toys
Jefferson Pitcher, Electric Guitar

full lineup and theme:
“Instruments of Your Dreams”
Phyllis Chen
Judy Dunaway
Doug Van Nort
Elan Vytal (aka DJ Scientific)
Guest Moderator: Ralph Farris

Flea Theatre
NYC, Tribeca, 41 White Street (between Broadway & Church Streets)

some compact info here.

October 23, 2009

A free demo/concert with Pauline Oliveros and Jonas Braasch to explain some of the interactive/machine improvisation technologies that we have been developing in the context of our trio. Takes place at Harvestworks, 7PM, 596 Broadway, Suite 602.

October 18, 2009

Triple Point
20 Greene St.
Manhattan, NY
(w/ Lucky Dragons, Joker Nies, Deutsch/Bode, Moritz Wettstein)

Performing set of improvised music with Triple Point at Roulette for the New York Electronic Arts Festival. More information and press available here.

October, 2009

A chance-based score that I wrote for sound walk, recording devices and amplified objects is now available in the new collection Deep Listening Anthology. The piece is called 300 Murray St., and was written for a sound walk to the studio of Montreal artist and drummer John Heward. When we arrived, I found that we were given a slightly wrong address and that 300 Murray did in fact not exist…

October 3, 2009

Improvised laptop duo performance with Al Margolis aka If, Bwana at the Festival of Firsts, Valley Falls, NY. This has been a very satisfying collaboration – in its nascent stages thus far – where Al and I sample each other’s material on the fly. He using Live, me on my greis system. My favorite collaboration with a Live-er – completely different than ‘sequence and select’!

Late September, 2009

Triple Point/Dempster album “Sound Shadows” now available at the iTunes music store for a mere $5.94!

August 17-21, 2009

I will be showing an installation entitled “Sonic Tapestry” at the 2009 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC). It is a piece composed for the interactive fabric Tapestry created in collaboration between the IDMIL and TML labs.

August 3, 2009

New Album: Sound Shadows by Triple Point (Oliveros/Braasch/Van Nort) and Stuart Dempster now available on Deep Listening!

July 22, 2009

Performing as a member of Quartetto Telematico (Pauline Oliveros, Chris Chafe, Jonas Braasch, myself) at Casa da Musica in Porto, Portugal. Here is the full concert lineup:

* “Cigar Smoke”, Robert Rowe
* “Latent Sea”, Quartetto Telematico
* “Salvage (Guiyu Blues)”, Nicolas Collins – For seven performers reanimating dead circuitry
* “Disparate Bodies”, Pedro Rebelo – Multi-site Network Performance
* Evan Parker/Frank Perry – Networked Duo

May 16, 2009

Performing in piece by Pauline Oliveros tele-presently as part of Sonorities festival, SARC, Belfast. I will be processing distant iPhone/drone players and instrumentalists. Players: Pedro Rebelo – iPHONE/piano :: Franziska Schroeder – soprano saxophone :: Gascia Ouzounian – violin :: Manuela Meier – accordion :: Justin Yang – saxophone :: Pauline Oliveros – iPHONE/bandoneon :: Doug Van Nort (Troy NY) – laptop :: Chris Chafe (Banff. Alberta) – iPHONE/celleto :: Spatialization and mix by Chris Corrigan. More info on this really interesting piece for iPhone here.

April 2009

Posted the video from premiere of my piece Memetic Orchestra #1: NEMO on Youtube. It was performed with Triple Point at the NYCEMF festival on April 3rd. Here is part 2/2

April 18, 2009

BIG DEEP Event at the Kitchen, featuring Deep Listening Band, Roscoe Mitchell, DJ Olive and more! I won’t be performing here – just running some video streaming and tech – but I wanted to bring some attention to this great event and important fundraiser for the very worthy Deep Listening Institute.

April 2009

Small excerpt from Tintinnabulate and Avatar Orchestra Metaverse concert (November 08 @ EMPAC) now on Youtube.

April 3, 2009

Triple Point will perform a piece that I have written for us entitled NEMO (for Triple Point) at the NYCEMF festival at Elebash Hall in New York at 7:45pm on friday April 3rd. NEMO stands for the NycEmf Memetic Orchestra, and is the first piece in a series that explores sonic gestures (memes) driving evolutionary processes.

March 12, 2009

An evening of improvised music with Triple Point (Pauline Oliveros – digital accordion, Doug Van Nort – granular feedback system and objects, Jonas Braasch – soprano saxophone) at the Emily Harvey Foundation in New York.

March 3, 2009

Telematic Performance with Triple Point (Pauline Oliveros, Jonas Braasch, myself) at RPI and Chris Chafe at the Banff New Media Center, with audience at CCRMA, Stanford University. We will play a piece by composer Rocco di Pietro.

February 26, 2009

Telematic Performance of Alvin Lucier’s Quasimodo the Great Lover, with Mark Dresser‘s class at UCSD and Tintinnabulate at RPI. I am working with the RPI group to create various spaces in our local environment connected via JackTrip – from large reverberant rooms driven by boomboxes to small milk jugs driven by audio transducers – that will interact with local and remote performers. As a player, I will mix/route/equalize these spaces and help to shape the sound. The performance will be streamed via ustream.

UPDATE: The performance was great and streamed well, if a bit pixelated. Here is the video:
I’m the guy in the red shirt, mixing the sound into different spaces at RPI: guitar body, transducer/milk bottle, large room with boombox/mic, narrow hallway and finally guitar amp pointed at piano strings with pickup. I’m also responsible for the good as well as the bad feedback! It was a joy to help direct and make this piece happen — there are some very nice moments in this 45 minutes.

February 6, 2009

Performance of my piece Genetic Orchestra #3: FleaGO, at the The Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Performing Arts Center, Miami, Fl. Performers included myself and Tintinnabulate (Cristyn Magnus, Shane Myrbeck, Luke Noonan and David Rhoderick) tele-present over Internet2 from RPI in Troy, NY and the Florida Laptop and Electronic Arts (FLEA) Ensemble, directed by Paula Matthusen, in Miami.