December 2014

I am pleased to have curated the 2014 Computer Music Journal ‘Sound and Video Anthology’.

The title/theme is “Distributed Composition and Musical Metacreation”.

Really happy with the disparate works represented here – check them out!

Track list:

Part A – Distributed Composition
1) Chris Chafe – Polartides
2) Pedro Rebelo – Netrooms
3) The HUB – Multiple Issues
4) CLOrk – Dancing with Laptops
5) Bill Hsu/Chris Burns – Xenoglossia/Leishmania

Part B – Musical Metacreation
1) Paul Hession – drums, Isambard Khroustaliov – software
2) The Indifference Engine versus Paul Hession (software by Arne Eigenfeldt)
3) Paul Hession – drums, Doug Van Nort – FILTER System
4) Finn Peters – saxophone, Ollie Bown – software
5) Finn Peters – saxophone, Nick Collins – FinnSystem
6) Finn Peters – sax, Shlomo Dubnov and Greg Surges – software
7) piano_prosthesis – Michael Young – piano, software
8) Finn Peters /Paul Hession /The Matthew Yee-King Simulator 


November 2014

I’m pleased to have a piece on the new Leonardo Music Journal music compilation! 

For those that remember my elevator piece ‘Constellate’, this track is based on source materials 
from that installation, as well as recordings made inside the elevator.


November 8th

I am giving a talk at the conference “Tuning Speculation II:  Auralneirics and imaginary networked futures”


October 2014

New track on a compilation of remixes for Russian artist Bookwar!


October 4th

Giving a talk at CogMIR 2014 entitled “On the modeling of behavior in machine improvisation”


September 2014

New article published in the Computer Music Journal:

Doug Van Nort, Marcelo Wanderley and Philippe Depalle, “Mapping Control Structures for Sound Synthesis: Functional and Topological Perspectives”, Computer Music Journal, 38(3): 6-22, 2014. 

My diagrams even grace the cover.


September 2014

New release on Striking Mechanism!  A document of a live improvised performance with the American Space Quintet.


September 2014

My piece Outer appears in a new Italian film, il giovane favoloso, a “luminously beautiful biopic of the celebrated eighteenth-century Italian poet, essayist and philosopher Giacomo Leopardi”.  If you are in Toronto, you can listen for it at the Toronto International Film Festival!

The film is also a nominee for a Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival.


August 2014

Triple Point (Oliveros/Van Nort/Braasch) releases a new 3-CD box set on the Pogus label!

The album “phase/transitions” spans five years of electro/acoustic improvisations, with recordings excerpted/mixed/mastered by Van Nort.

Special guests on select tracks are Chris Chafe and the FILTER system.

David Whalen provides the beautiful artwork:  digital paintings created with his custom Jamboxx controller, translating head and breath motion into expressive artworks.


July 13th, 5:30pm

Human/Machine Quintet

Pauline Oliveros, Doug Van Nort, David Arner, Jane Rigler, FILTER

Part of the “First Festival: a Festival of Premiere Performances
at Deep Listening Art/Science, the 2nd International Conference on Deep Listening
Studio 2, Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC)
Troy, NY 


July 2nd

Presenting work “A Material Computation Perspective on Audio Mosaicing and Gestural Conditioning” 
undertaken in collaboration with Navid Navab and Sha Xin Wei

International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME)
Goldsmiths, University of London


July 2014

I am pleased to announce that I have joined the faculty in the School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design at York University in Toronto!


June 29th, 7:30pm

Improvised Duo, FILTER and percussionist Paul Hession

Part of ‘Musical Metacreation
Cafe OTO
18-22 Ashwin St
Dalston, London

“A concert of software autonomy in music, free improvising algorithms, generative systems and new interfaces for musically metacreative expression.

Featuring software compositions by Shlomo Dubnov, Nick Collins, Michael Young, Arne Eigenfeldt, Matt Yee-King, Oliver Bown, Doug Van Nort and more, and performances by the musicians Finn Peters (flute,sax) and Paul Hession (drums).”


June 21st, 5:00-10:00pm

Improvisational Sculpting of Live Sonic Streams, Emanating from Beneath the East River
part of
 SOUND EVENT: an evening of site-specific sound performances at Socrates Sculpture Park

Socrates Sculpture Park
32-01 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY

“Long Island City, NY–In conjunction with Socrates Sculpture Park’s annual celebration of the Summer Solstice, Socrates Sculpture Park collaborates with Norte Maar to present SOUND EVENT an evening of site-specific sound performances at Socrates Sculpture Park. For this event which will encompass the entire park, noted sound artists will create unique sound platforms through traditional instrumentation, amplification of objects, juxtaposition of voices, and experimental electronic sound.”


June 14th, 8:15pm

Electroacoustic Improvisation (electronics, voice)
solo and in duo with Alessandra Eramo

Quiet Cue
Flughafenstr. 38
D-12053 Berlin


June 13th, 5:00pm

Giving a talk entitled “Approaches to Distributed Agency and Shared Musical Meaning in Electroacoustic Improvisation”

at Electroacoustic Music Studies 2014

Universität der Künste Berlin
Einsteinufer 43-53
10587 Berlin


June 11th, 7:00pm

Improvisation (electronics, voice)
in performance with Xupstar

Liebigstrasse 12
10247 Berlin


June 9th, 8:00pm

Solo Improvisation (electronics, voice)
in conjunction with opening of new sound installation by Milan Guštar

v ul. Školské 28, P–1
ve dvoře – vstup průchodem
Prague, CZ


June 1st – 5th

Ansbach University of Applied Science

I will be a visiting professor teaching an intensive summer course in Digital Arts, taking my recent process-based approach to collective creation; for this Bavarian excursion I will branch out into the visual digital arts in addition to working with sound.


May 15th, 12:30pm

Movements of Thought – In collaboration with Usine C and the Senselab

Movements of Thought considers ways of moving and thinking through embodied experience, and of thought itself as a mobile interplay across disciplines. What is a moving thought? How may it open bodies to modes of lived abstraction, becoming more-or-less human, comprising images, material entities, and affective compositions? What techniques may be drawn from diverse practices in physical movement, and how may these be assembled in discussion with scholars and practitioners from other fields? Working alongside Knots of Thought, this assembly of thinking-together invites participants to consider what may be at stake for performing an ecology of practices in the movements of thought.

This event focus on Sound Art practices – through deep listening, gesture bending, and the sonic affordances of found / everyday objects.

The activators for the session will be :
Doug Van Nort
Navid Navab
Juliana Keller


May 11th, 3:30pm 


Improvised duo of Doug Van Nort (electonics) +  Preston Beebe (percussion)

la Plante
Montreal, Qc


April 26th, 9:00pm

Judy Dunaway (balloons) + Doug Van Nort (greis/electronics, voice)

le Cagibi
5490 St. Laurent
Montreal, QC


April 23rd + 24th, 5:00pm

Orbital Resonance

A Research-Creation project in collaboration with Margaret Westby, Nikolaos Chandolias and Anne Goldenberg

“Orbital Resonance is an exploration into internal physiological states of the body, outwardly displaced in light and in sound to create an immersive sensual environment. The performers improvise with sound and movement through breathe, voice, and bodily sensors. The larger environment merges the interactions between various elements (audience, performers, light, sound, architecture, sensors) into a unified, existential orbit. The material produced in real-time resonates back into the space. The traces create their own life, interacting upon themselves for new configurations and interpretations to arise among the spectators. “

Hexagram Black Box
S3 Level, EV Building
1515 St. Catherine, Montreal, QC

April 6th, 7:00pm

Universal Synchrony Music, Volume 2

Ray Anderson (trombone), Robert Dick (flute), Miya Masaoka (Koto), Doug Van Nort (electronics/sonified NASA data), Sarah Weaver (composer/conductor) , Min Xiao-Fen (pipa).

Joined telematically by sonification trio of Alex Chechile, Cathleen Grado and Shu Yu Lin from CCRMA/Stanford.

Simons Center for Geometry and Physics
100 Nicolls Road
Stony Brook, NY


April 1st, 2:00pm EST

Quartetto Telematico

Four-site Telematic Performance Featuring:
Pauline Oliveros (Birmingham, UK)
Chris Chafe (CCRMA, Stanford)
Doug Van Nort (Hexagram Black Box, Montreal)
Jonas Braasch (CCC center, EMPAC)

Part of Frontiers Festival, produced by Third Ear.

The Montreal site will feature 16-channel overhead/under-feet immersive sound and will be followed by a local performance by Van Nort + Guests


March 29th, 4:00pm/7:00pm

Merging Artificial Intelligence and Free Improvisation with Triple Point (Pauline Oliveros, Doug van Nort, and Jonas Braasch)

4:00pm – Lecture/Demo

7:00pm – Performance
Triple Point (Oliveros/Van Nort/Braasch) as a trio, and as quartet with FILTER

540 W 21st St. 

New York, NY


March 27th, 7:30pm

Topological Improvisations, Volume 2: Transmissions and Resonance

A set of improvised sonic explorations, transmission to/from the boundaries of the space. 
Meditations on the continuity and connectedness of resonance.


Julien OttaviErin Sexton, Doug Van Nort

Topological Media Lab
EV Building, 7th floor, room 725
1515 St. Catherine St
Montreal, QC

February 21st/22nd

Performing at Xfest 2014

in new ensemble configurations with:

Brendan Landis / Andy Crespo / Michael F Dailey Jr (21st)
Jenn Gelineau / Al Margolis ,  Robert Pepper / Andy Goulet / Neil Young Cloaca (22nd)

 Gateway City Arts
92 Race Street, Holyoke MA


February 20th, 7:30pm

Topological Improvisations, volume 1

The first in a new series that I am curating,
Presenting improvisations across media that explore modes of continuity, connectedness and differing boundary conditions,

between players and with the space itself

A/V quartet + 1 
featuring solo/duo/quartet/quintet configurations drawn from
Doug Van Nort (voice, electronics) / If, Bwana (electronics, objects) / Katherine Liberovskaya (live video) /
Eric Letourneau (synths, gamelan) / Akunniq (the dog)

Topological Media Lab
EV Building, 7th floor, room 725
1515 St. Catherine St
Montreal, QC

Free and open to the public


February 13th

Performing new works for/with CLOrkBradyworks and Concordia Contemporary Ensemble
MB 8.245
1450 Guy street, 8th floor
Montreal, QC

Free and open to the public

February 8th, 8:00 pm

Doug Van Nort (electronics, voice) solo improvisation
(also on bill: Bats from Pogo, Orlando Cela, Samolis/Comstock Duo)

Third Life Studio
33 Union Square, 
Somerville, Mass