Deep Fire, Deep Wire… (2017)

This piece was commissioned by New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) for their 2017 Deep Wireless Festival. It was written for the Electro-Acoustic Orchestra with featured violinist Mia Zabelka, and centres around processes and concepts of tuning, fission and fusion.

The concert event, co-produced by Dispersion Lab, NAISA, and Thomas Gerwin at the Exploratorium in Berlin under the theme of “tele-conduction”.


Doug Van Nort

DisPerSion Lab: Dave Bandi, Chris Cerpnjak, Erin Corbett, Ian Jarvis, Ian Macchiusi, Mackenzie Perrault, Fae Sirois, Doug Van Nort, Lauren Wilson

Other Concert Participants:
Berlin: Ivo Berg (recorder), Jenny Doell (dance), Reinhard Gagel (accordion, piano, Mini-Moog),
Thomas Gerwin (banjo, objects, electronics.), Dietrich Petzold (violin, viola)
Compositions: Doug Van Nort, Thomas Gerwin, Sarah Weaver and Glen Hall
Audio Broadcast: NAISA radio