GNSS1: evolutionary generative composition (2015)

GNSS1 (2015)

A generative standalone code-based sonic composition

A purposefully obstinate software
 that, upon being clicked, transforms the listener’s screen into total blackness,
thereby enforcing a movement away from distracted multi-tasking and the common experience of post-itunes background listening.

Regarding the process/materials:
This piece applies a genetic algorithm in order to evolve a sonic composition using simple FM synthesis.
All sound is generated using 12 sine waves, 6 click generators and two reverb units.The first 100 seconds will always consist of a linear rhythmic build-up, and the piece will always last around 410 seconds. Beyond this, the result is determined by the evolutionary process, with the population of possible outcomes consisting of sonic parameters for the synthesis as well as rhythmic patterns.The system is injected with “fit” solutions in order to move it towards a preferred outcome, which biases it towards an overall form. When the application is first opened, the population is randomized. After each successive playing, the population maintains the members from the previous process. Each time the piece begins, sound material for the first 100 seconds is drawn from a small set of “fit” solutions, which seeds the initial evolution of the piece.


single run, take 1

single run, take 2 (final 5.5 minutes)

single run, take 3 (final 4.5 minutes)

The Piece:

Mac Version
Windows Version

USB Slim Card Available for Purchase


Created for the first issue of Super-Sensor (released in 2017)
Published by SONM – Sound Archive of Experimental Music and Sound Art, Puertas de Castilla Center (Murcia, Spain)
Curated by Francisco López