Mapping Control Structures (2003-08)

The notion of “mapping” in the context of digital music performance takes on a variety of meanings related to associating of gestural action to sound result, which includes a perception-of-intentionality point of view, a parameter-association point of view as well as a music theoretic one when discussed in relation to musical composition and form. I’ve felt this issue to be overlooked and so I devoted a good deal of my dissertation work to discussion of mapping from several angles that incorporates aesthetic, mathematical, perceptual and systems-oriented views on the subject. With the purpose of moving towards a more holistic view on instrument design, the tangible outcomes of this work have included a psychophysical experiment and software tools for continuous control of high-dimensional spaces of sound parameters by appropriation of methods from computational geometry and geographic information systems (GIS) research.

Here is a demo of one of such tools that I use in various contexts such as my GREIS and FILTER systems:

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