Margolis/Van Nort Duo (2009-13)

While living closer to NYC, I had an active duo collaboration with composer Al Margolis, also known as If, Bwana (I am sure we will re-convene and pick back up when the moment presents itself.) In this project, Al uses acoustic instrumental recordings as source material and I begin from very small fragments of various recordings. A musical feedback loop is formed and sonic materials are traded, as I capture the large chunks of sound that Al has produced in order to re-sculpt and define new gestures, while Al captures my sound in order to transpose, stretch and loop the output. We have a release on Zeromoon (2011) that presents an unedited live performance in it’s entirety. “The result is a rich palette of sound informed by classic electronic composition, minimalist drone works, and modern noise music. Structure to chaos, drone to acoustic collages…”.

Here is an excerpt from that release: