Quartet for the end of Space (2010-11)

This quartet project involves Pauline Oliveros, Francisco López and Jonas Braasch. It brings together devoted improvisers on one hand and electroacoustic composers on the other. The project explores a new synthesis of improvised electro/acoustics, and studio-based composition. The process has been to begin with free improvisations, from which recordings are then crafted into personal compositions by each member (which have then found their way back into performance, thereby closing the loop). We released an album on Pogus in April 2011, which has received some very nice reviews. This can be purchases directly from me, from Pogus or at the iTunes music store.

Also, my piece Outer was featured in the film Leopardi (aka il Giovane Favoloso), directed by Mario Martone and starring Elio Germano. It was used to underpin an intense scene featuring only the main character, in the film’s final 3.5 minutes.

Excerpts  of my pieces from Quartet for the end of Space (Pogus, 2011):