Real Virtuality (2017)

This project was in collaboration with Thomas Gerwin, connecting the DisPerSion Lab to
Germany. It explored varying modes of attention, including cross-continent gestural interaction between the ensembles. The event connected the lab with the Brandenburg New Music Festival in Potsdam, with performances by the EAO in collaboration with the Stream ensemble. Pieces for this group were created by Doug Van Nort (Canada) and Thomas Gerwin, John Rausek, and Sabine Vogel (Germany), and also included cross-site Soundpainting gestures involving Vogel and Van Nort.


Direction: Doug Van Nort and Thomas Gerwin

DisPerSion Lab
: Electro-Acoustic Orchestra (dir. Doug Van Nort)
Potsdam: Ivo Berg (recorder), Jenny Döll (dance), Reinhard Gagel (accordion, Moog synthesizer),
Thomas Gerwin (banjo, objects, live electronics), Dietrich Petzold (violin,, viola), Sabine Vogel
Composition: Thomas Gerwin, John Rausek, Doug Van Nort, Sabine Vogel